my way with you manhwa

A manhwa is an amazing art form that has been growing in popularity worldwide since the late 20th century. One of the most famous manhwas in recent years has been My Way With You manhwa, which features the story of Seo In-guk, an idol-turned-actor who discovers his true love in a college student named Cha Min-ah. The romance that develops between the two leads to them becoming one of South Korea’s most beloved celebrity couples, and their relationship as fictional characters continues to capture fans’ imaginations both inside and outside of Korea.

What is My Way With You manhwa about?

My Way with You is a popular manhwa (Korean comic) that was originally published in 2006. It tells the story of Yi Jeong Tae, who struggles to find out what he wants to do with his life because he had always done whatever other people wanted him to do. When he meets an unknown woman, Yi Jeong Tae faces difficult choices and realizes what kind of life he should lead in order to be happy.

My Way with You shows how often we are told what to do by society without ever realizing it ourselves. The original author said that she wanted to show something meaningful, so she set out to write a manhwa about a human being’s search for meaning.

my way with you manhwa
my way with you manhwa

Where do I start reading?

My Way with You manhwa is a popular manhwa written by Kohei Horikoshi. Though it doesn’t have as much depth as some of the other series available in stores, My Way with You has its fair share of loyal followers. Fans and potential readers are captivated by this light, fluffy series that takes a humorous look at love and relationships. The story centers around teenager Misumi Ayane who falls for hot-headed model Akira Toono after he becomes her tutor. Their relationship goes through many ups and downs until they finally find their happy ending!

A recent trend in the manhwa industry is when more than one artist creates artwork for a single series, which leads to stylistic changes between chapters. Luckily, not only does My Way with You have an attractive cover but it also includes work from multiple artists.

my way with you manhwa
my way with you manhwa

Plot and Characters

My Way with You follows a man named Taebin who visits an island with his friends after graduating college. He stays on the island for the summer, knowing that he will have to leave in less than two months, because of work and life back home. While on this island he falls in love with Namu, and together they explore their feelings for each other, but this only lasts for a summer. As they say goodbye, they make promises to each other and hope to see one another again someday.

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The my way with you manhwa was serialized between 2003-2005 and it has been translated into English, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Spanish and Russian. It has also been adapted into three live-action movies in South Korea: the first released in 2005; the second released in 2006; and the third released in 2009.

Art Style and Presentation

Another element of presentation which makes this a popular manhwa is its art style. The lines are crisp and clean, which make it easy to follow the story and maintain focus on it for an extended period of time. The colors are also dark but vivid and full of life, which can have different meanings depending on the context in which they are used. Overall, My Way with You is not just an incredible manhwa; it’s a piece of artwork that will capture your attention and leave you breathless as you read through it.

Is there a My Way With You fandom?

My Way with You is an amazingly popular manhwa that has sold more than 150 million copies worldwide. If you are looking for a very easy to read and heartwarming story about finding your one true love, My Way with You will be perfect for you. Not only does this my way with you manhwa offer up a lovable story, but it also has some impressive artwork to keep your attention from cover to cover.

Where can I read My Way With Manhwa You online?

On Naver, My Way with You can be read online on Rakuten Manga or directly through this site. If you’re interested in reading manga in your local language (the first volume is currently available in Indonesian), then you can purchase volumes through J-Novel Club and have them translated! For those of you who would like to purchase volumes as they come out, Japanese publishing company Kodansha has also published My Way With You manhwa as an ongoing series. In Korea, where it was originally serialized before it became popular internationally, the manhwa is still published by Segye Comics Publishing Company.


How can I get hold of this series in print form?

Firstly, I’m sure you’re wondering why a blog post on how to get hold of a popular my way with you manhwa is being written here. Well, My Way with You is unique in that it isn’t one long story, but rather each volume tells its own story, meaning that each volume can be read and enjoyed on its own. One downside of this is that you’re not able to get hold of it in print form like other longer-running series are available to do.

The beauty of reading my way with you manhwa digitally is that they are easier than manga to obtain as there’s no need for an expensive scanner, which means that whether you have money or not, you’ll always be able to access your favourite titles. Just search for download my way with you on Google Play or iTunes and go from there! We hope we’ve managed to help! 🙂

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