Schueneman Tumbleson Funeral Home Obituaries

Schueneman Tumbleson Funeral Home Obituaries in Milwaukee, WI mourns the loss of those who have passed away. Whether you’re looking to celebrate the life of someone special or you’re wondering how to plan a funeral service, you can find it all here. We also offer pre-planning options so that you can be sure your loved ones will be taken care of after your passing. Contact us today at (414) 578-0977 to learn more about what we can do for you!

Our Values

Golnick Schueneman’s three fundamental values are respect, honesty, and dignity. By upholding these values and delivering our promise to families who have entrusted us with their loved one’s final needs, we hope to bring comfort and a sense of peace to their lives. We invite you to learn more about us by reading through this website, or contact us directly with any questions.

Thank you for visiting Golnick Schueneman Funeral Home. Our team is here to help create the service that will best celebrate your loved one’s life. Whether it’s traditional, contemporary, or anywhere in between, we want your visitation and funeral service to be as meaningful as possible. Please take some time to explore our website or call us at (212) 555-1234 if you need immediate assistance.

Talking to Children

Parents, guardians, and grandparents often have many questions on how to talk to children about death. Talking about it is important and can help children understand what happened and process their feelings. Talking about death should not be done in a detached way- make sure to acknowledge your child’s emotions.

Rux Funeral Home obituaries provide information on how you can celebrate the lives of those who have passed, such as providing flowers for their grave site or sending sympathy cards.

Grief Support

When a loved one passes away, it can be difficult to process. For those left behind, there are several ways to help them through this grieving process with an open ear and kind words. We’ve put together some resources to help people deal with their grief in healthy ways including but not limited to rux funeral home obituaries, vandemore funeral home, golnick schueneman funeral home kewanee obituaries.

The bereaved should also consider joining support groups, or talking to professionals like counselors or clergy. The best way for family members to cope is by allowing themselves time and space to heal while they allow the natural stages of grief unfold naturally.

Social Security Benefits

Your Social Security benefits provide you with a monthly payment to help you with retirement. If your spouse’s or your children’s Social Security benefits provide enough money, then there may not be any reason for you to file for Social Security benefits, but it is still important to review your options and make a decision before the age when your benefits would become payable.

In general, married couples will get more by filing their own applications than if they were both on someone else’s benefit. And if one partner has not worked long enough to qualify for benefits, that person can be listed as a qualified spouse and receive spousal benefits based on the other partner’s work record.

Schueneman Tumbleson Funeral Home Obituaries
Schueneman Tumbleson Funeral Home Obituaries

Funeral Etiquette

Regardless of how you may feel about death, it is important to know what to do in an unfortunate situation where someone close to you has passed. Showing your respects at a funeral is a way to offer support and strength to those who are grieving and give closure for those who have lost their loved one. Here are some tips on what to expect at a funeral, as well as things that are typically expected from guests attending.

First impressions matter. If you’re unsure whether or not to attend, then plan to go with a dress shirt and pants or skirt suit, and appropriate shoes such as black leather shoes or pumps.

You will be walking into a somber space with people gathered around comforting each other so keep emotions in check by dressing appropriately (remember no bright colors). It is also best to avoid perfume since this can be overwhelming for others already coping with loss

The Life After Death Experience

Death is a difficult subject for many people to broach, soSchueneman Tumbleson Funeral Home Obituaries are here to help provide our clients with the assistance they need. When it comes to funeral homes, we will guide you through every detail and answer any questions you may have.

Our staff is dedicated to providing a compassionate experience that doesn’t feel like business as usual. There’s no pressure to make decisions quickly – we’ll give you time to think about all your options. We’re happy to work with your insurance company or offer a range of payment plans that can be tailored to your needs.

Vital ICE

The Vital ICE program was created by the American Red Cross in order to provide consistent and timely assistance to victims of disaster. Their mission is To comfort those who have experienced a loss and help them rebuild their lives.

They need your help! In the past year, Vital ICE volunteers contributed more than 1 million hours of service across America. And it doesn’t stop there. From helping families recover from fires and floods to providing relief after Hurricane Sandy, these volunteers are always ready to respond when needed most. If you’re interested in joining this important cause, all you have to do is go online and get started today!

Family of Deceased

It’s never easy to accept that a loved one has passed away. For those who have lost a close family member, it can be difficult to find closure or move on with their lives if they don’t get to say goodbye. Schueneman Tumbleson Funeral Home Obituaries in Illinois is here to help families send off their loved ones in style by honoring their life and making sure that they know they’re dearly missed.


The Schueneman Tumbleson Funeral Home Obituaries family welcomes you to this blog and hopes that we can help honor and remember those who have passed. Take a look at our current list of obituaries for up-to-date information about funeral services, final arrangements, and more. Call our office for additional questions about vandemore funeral home or golnick schueneman funeral home kewanee obituaries. You are welcome to visit either location by appointment as well.

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