how can you give a standing spray depth

A standing spray is the most formal type of floral design, and it’s typically reserved for occasions like weddings and funerals. But there are actually several ways to give your standing spray more depth than just the traditional flat arrangement. If you’re planning on giving or receiving one, keep reading to learn how can you give a standing spray depth while still making it beautiful!

What are standing sprays?

Standing sprays are a popular way to honor someone who has passed. They’re often featured at funerals, but they’re not reserved for mourning occasions. You can also use them as celebrations of life—a joyous way to honor somebody’s life. As much of an emotional outpouring as standing sprays are, you’ll find that there are several reasons why these arrangements may be the perfect choice for your event.

First, they’re practical. A standing spray allows mourners to take the flowers home and place them in their own homes or gardens without having to worry about finding a vase or worrying about making one themselves. Second, standing sprays require less time than wreaths or casket covers and thus save money on funeral costs while still achieving the same impact on attendees.

How tall are standing sprays?

Standing sprays are usually at least 2-3 feet in height, if not taller. There are also smaller standing sprays that have a shorter vase life, as they may only last for 3-4 days. In either case, flowers tend to be placed on the top third of the arrangement and work their way down from there.

how can you give a standing spray depth
how can you give a standing spray depth

How do you make a green standing spray?

Start with a sturdy green floral wire, like kale stems or rose branches. Have someone hold the wire so it is level and then use your fingers to arrange the stems from top to bottom. Once you have them arranged, measure in 3-inch sections and cut off the stems at that point, making sure they are even on both sides. Repeat this process until you get close to the end of your bunch of green stems. After this, it is time for that all-important finishing touch.

Why We Use Standing Sprays

These sprays are a great way to honor the person in your life who has passed. Standing sprays can be used in place of floral bouquets and wreaths, as they don’t need water or care. They make a striking statement without much work. If you want to give your standing spray depth, it’s important that you use good quality flowers. Look for roses and lilies which have more depth than tulips and daisies. There are many options when it comes to how you want to arrange these flowers – traditional urns or modern pedestals – so find what best suits the person being honored!

How far in advance can you make funeral flowers?

Planning ahead can make the arrangement process easier for family members and loved ones. As soon as you know of someone who has passed, ask about the specifics. What does the family prefer? Are there any colors that are special to them? Do they have any specific flowers that they really like? If possible, try to get these answers before the services so you can make arrangements based on what people want.

how can you give a standing spray depth
how can you give a standing spray depth

Where to Get a Vase

When picking out a vase, you have three options: you can use the same one as the flowers were originally displayed in, find something that complements them (i.e. color or shape), or get an entirely new vessel. Consider what would be best for the occasion and how much space you want between the flower arrangements. Once you’ve decided on the perfect vase, fill it with water and give it time to warm up so it’s not too cold when placing your flowers in it.


Planning Your Design

Easter is right around the corner. Have you started planning your design? Well if not, it’s time to start brainstorming! If you don’t want any chocolate bunnies or eggs on your table, but still want something festive, try flowers. This DIY standing spray will make for a beautiful centerpiece for the table and can be personalized with teal or spring green. All it takes is fresh flowers from the flower shop and some wire cutters–the rest is up to you!

Cutting your stems

The most common way people give their standing spray depth is by cutting their stems into two parts. This can be done before you arrange them or after. You just need a simple snip at the stem where you want it to be divided and then carefully insert the stem down inside itself and wiggle it so that it’s stable.

The second method of adding depth to your standing, spray is by using loose flowers that are all the same color with various heights. If you’re going to do this make sure that the flowers will hold up because if they droop there won’t be any height variation. Then again, if you’re going to use this technique consider holding off on it until the day of your event because arranging these type of flowers requires some time. Lastly, try not to use long-stemmed roses in your standing spray as they tend to overpower everything else.

Placing the Stems in the Vase

When you have settled on the shape of your flowers, it is time to fill in the vase. The depth and width of the standing spray will dictate how many flowers you will need. For example, if you want the spray to be two inches deep, use about three bunches of flowers. There are three ways for filling out your vase. The first option is by tucking the stems of each flower into ‌between each other which creates a solid cluster. The second option is to alternate placing one stem inside the other in a vertical fashion.

Finally, you can also place all the stems around the perimeter of the vase so that they create a barrier against any liquid spilling over.

Watering the Flowers

It’s always good to have an array of different flowers. Many sites say you need 7-10, but the number really depends on what your occasion is and the type of flowers you are using. You may want to use all one type of flower and color or mix different types and colors together. You may want more simple or traditional-looking flowers for a formal affair and then opt for more exotic or tropical-looking flowers if you’re having an informal wedding that takes place outside during warmer months.


After reading this article, you must be feeling an expert on how can you give a standing spray depth. weddings or funerals, you can use these tips to give a standing spray depth.

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