How many Jobs Available in Consumer Non-Durables

As of September 2022, 1000 plus jobs are available in consumer non durables field in united states. More than 9000 jobs are available in all over europe in multinational companies. If you’re interested in working in this industry, there are plenty of jobs available to you and good opportunities for advancement in many types of industries. Here’s a closer look at some of the best opportunities for you to pursue a successful career in consumer non-durables.

What are Consumer non durable goods?

Consumer non-durables are goods that consumers buy regularly, but not on the same schedule or to the same extent as consumer durables. Example of non durable good are:

  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Personal care products
  • Household supplies
How many Jobs Available in Consumer Non-Durables
How many Jobs Available in Consumer Non-Durables

What Is Consumer Non-Durables job?

Consumer non-durables are any good that is not designed to last more than three years. Products such as diapers, soap, paper towels, and razors are all examples of consumer non-durables. Consumers can find various different jobs within the industry depending on their skillset and specialization. There are many available positions for every type of individual with web developers, marketing managers, and human resource managers topping the list. For instance, a web developer will earn an average salary of $89K while a marketing manager earns $71K.

What Are The Job Opportunities?

Consumer non-durables is the number one category of goods. It includes all purchases that do not last a long time, are quickly outdated or inexpensive, such as clothing, food, and cleaners. Due to consumer non-durability’s immense reach in this sector, there are many jobs available including human resource manager. There are two types of consumer non-durable goods: durable and non-durable. Durable goods last for years while non-durable items have an expiration date; this creates different job opportunities in each sector.

consumer non durable jobs
consumer non durable jobs

How Do I find right Job In This Field?

They are a large category of goods and services bought and used by consumers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

For example, as of September 10th 2022, there were 1,570 job openings listed on LinkedIn with the words Consumer Durable Goods in their title. These jobs ranged from sales associate at Macy’s to quality assurance specialist at National Electric Supply. The average salary was $56k per year with a range from $35k – $85k per year.

Advice For Making It In The Industry

If your focus is consumer non-durables then starting a business may be your best option. As we mentioned before, these types of goods have a higher turnover rate so there are always plenty of opportunities available. You’ll need to research the market and figure out what products people are most interested in buying before taking this route but it could be worth all the extra effort.

Is consumer non durable is good career path?

After years of recession, more people are looking for work. One area that is booming is the non-durable goods sector.
The job market can be tough and it may be a struggle to find work that matches your skillset. However, there is no shortage of employment opportunities available within the durable goods sector. There is also plenty of jobs available in the consumer non-durables industry as well. These are some key points about consumer non-durables:

  • There is not just one type of consumer goods; many types exist such as clothing, food, home furnishings, etc.
  • Available positions include everything from administrative assistants to factory workers. Some high paying positions include construction managers and buyers/merchandisers.
Best paying Jobs in Consumer non durables
Best paying Jobs in Consumer non durables

List of Best paying Jobs in Consumer non durables industry

  • Market Manager
  • Construction manager
  • Buyer/merchandiser
  • Customer service representative
  • Quality assurance specialist
  • Web Designer
  • Industrial product manager
  • Information Security Analyst

Average salary and bonuses of Consumer non durable job

Consumer non-durables make up the majority of industries and jobs. The average salary and bonuses for these jobs range from $30,000 per year to more than $85,000 per year.

What companies are in the consumer non-durables field?

A wide variety of companies, such as Pepsico, Coca Cola Company, Unilever group, Nike and Nestle AG offer a range of consumer non-durables jobs. Some opportunities may include customer service representatives and sales specialists while others may be distributors or trade buyers. Compensation ranges from $11-$24/hour. NestleAG is one company that offers many available jobs in the consumer non-durables field.

Available positions at NestleAG are sales specialist, customer service representative, and inventory control clerk among others. Compensation ranges from $11-$24/hour.

Best paying available positions at NestleAG company are:

  • Sales specialist,
  • Customer service representative, and
  • Inventory control clerk among others.

Some examples of available salary for these jobs would be approximately $24k for a ; $23k for a Customer Service Representative position; and about $17k for an Inventory Control Clerk position.

catalog/speciality distribution jobs

How to Apply for consumer non durable Jobs?

It is simple and easy to aply for the consumer non durable job. First is the get the documentation ready. secondly, go on the website of companies offering the jobs in this field by checking the list of companies already mentioned above or find it on Linkedln or google. third, wait for the interview calls and prepare for the frequently ask question regarding consumer non durables.

What are consumer durables and non-durables?

Consumer durables are items that last a long time, like cars and homes. They typically have higher upfront costs but low or no ongoing costs. Items considered consumer non-durables are less expensive and may break down or wear out over time, like clothes and books. These items can’t be reused, so they need to be replaced regularly.

Durable goods are manufactured products that last more than three years and include automobiles, refrigerators, televisions, etc. They’re mostly found in manufacturing or construction industries. On the other hand, non-durables goods can be consumed within a year or less like toothpaste or shampoo. The majority of these products are made by service industries such as retail shops and gas stations.

How Many Jobs Available in Consumer Non-Durables
How Many Jobs Available in Consumer Non-Durables


consumer non durable industry is flourishing with exponential speed. Increasing demand of non durables good remarkably increasing supply of goods so as the job in consumer non durables field. It is the best and right time to get you CV and documents ready and apply for the job now!

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