General purpose Athletic Equipment

When you’re looking to get into shape, the most important thing is to buy the right general purpose athletic equipment. You don’t want to waste money on shoes that will hurt your feet or an elliptical machine that doesn’t fit in your home. To help you choose the right fitness equipment for your home gym, we’ve created this buying guide that offers tips on how to get started and which features are worth splurging on and which are extras you can do without.

What is the meaning of athletic equipment?

The meaning of athletic equipment can depend on what activity you are taking part in. Football players would not use a pair of ice skates and vice versa. But generally, the meaning of athletic equipment is anything that you wear or use during an athletic event. This could be clothing, shoes, headgear, padding, or any other item that helps you physically stay in shape while playing your chosen sport.

What kind of exercise are you going to do?

There are a variety of things you can do with general purpose athletic equipment that will make your workout more effective and enjoyable. To find out which kind of gear would be best for you, think about what types of exercises you’re going to do. If weightlifting is your goal, invest in some high-quality free weights and a sturdy bench or barbell rack. Crossfitters might want

  • Olympic bars
  • bumper plates
  • jump ropes,
  • gymnastics rings
  • kettlebells and
  • pull-up bars

In addition to cardio equipment like elliptical machines and stationary bikes that everyone should have in their home gym (and this guide doesn’t cover), there are other pieces of general purpose athletic equipment that work well for specific workouts such as rowing machines for indoor rowers or spin bikes for spinning classes.

What’s your budget?

The best type of equipment is often dependent on your budget, but I recommend sticking within $500 or less unless you are a professional. If you’re not a professional, find something that will last, because when your favorite company eventually comes out with that thing that’s better than what you’ve got now and they don’t sell old models anymore, it’ll be tough to find one at a good price.
*Keep in mind though, more expensive items usually have better materials and more features.

General purpose Athletic Equipment
General purpose Athletic Equipment

The top 5 beginner General purpose Athletic Equipment

Every fitness level is different and will require a different set of general purpose athletic equipment. A basic set would consist of a bench, barbell, weights, squat rack, and an Olympic lifting platform. These are all durable enough to withstand constant use in any beginner’s garage gym. If you’re looking for something more intense, consider one of these five sets:

  • dumbbells,
  • kettle bells,
  • medicine balls,
  • adjustable weight bench press with weight plates, and
  • pull up bars

These 5 options should provide everything necessary for beginners who want to create their own training programs. They can always add on later as they become more experienced in their workouts.

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What equipment do you need for athletics?

If you are looking to purchase athletic equipment, it can be easy to be overwhelmed by all of the different choices that you have. But do not worry! We are here with a few guidelines and considerations to help you narrow down your search. There are many types of sporting goods on the market today but generally, they fall into one of three categories: athletics items, sport field equipment, or clothing apparel. Athletics items include things like

  • treadmills
  • rowing machines
  • kettlebells
  • medicine balls
  • and boxing gloves

Sport field equipment includes things like soccer balls, footballs, baseballs, basketballs and softballs. Clothing apparel includes things like shoes (running shoes), shorts (sports shorts), shirts (sports shirts) and socks (athletic socks). The main thing to keep in mind when shopping is which sport you are planning on playing.

Sport equipment list

There are many different types of general purpose athletic equipment that can suit your needs as an athlete. For example, you can use football cleats or soccer shoes, boxing gloves or shooting gloves, baseballs or softballs. There are many other options depending on what sport you participate in or want to try out. You may need sports field equipment such as a basketball hoop or volleyball net. You might also be interested in athletics items such as a throwing disc or a set of push up bars.

General purpose Athletic Equipment
General purpose Athletic Equipment

shot put equipment list

For a shot put equipment list, you will need a discus or shot. These are circular and about 2 feet in diameter. The center hole is about 8 inches in diameter, which is where the thrower places their hand on the outside. The outer edge has markings at every 16 inches, with hash marks every foot. A shot putter must use their body and arm strength to swing it up and release it into an arc high over their head when they let go of it.

When putting together your shot put equipment list, make sure you have discs made of metal or steel. Plastic discs can break when thrown repeatedly against concrete or asphalt. You also should have several discs so that you don’t break your train of thought by having to run back after each throw looking for another one. Having six-ten discs will provide enough variety so that your trainings feel authentic without being wasteful.

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