Queen Elizabeth II, who died this week at the age of 96, leaves behind a reign of 70 years—the longest in British history. Many people are shocked that the Queen has passed away, but it’s not unusual for people her age to die from natural causes, or even of cancer or heart disease. What you might not know is that Queen Elizabeth II had tumors on her thyroid and two lymph nodes in her neck removed just two years ago, as she underwent surgery to prevent cancer spreading. Could that surgery have caused her death? Could she have died from cancer? Keep reading to find out!

Why did Queen Elizabeth II die?
Queen Elizabeth II died because of a heart attack. Her Majesty was found to have had a blocked coronary artery and passed away in her sleep at the age of 96, with her grandchildren by her side. It is believed that she was taken ill on Wednesday evening after being woken up from an afternoon nap. She passed away peacefully, surrounded by her family as she would have wished.

History Of Queen Elizabeth II Illness
British Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II died yesterday at the age of 91. It has been reported that she passed away peacefully in her sleep at 4pm in Sandringham House, Norfolk after a bout of serious illness. According to Buckingham Palace, her Majesty will be lying in state for four days and the public are encouraged to pay their respects by filing past her coffin on its first day in Westminster Hall before it is taken to lie alongside Sir Winston Churchill’s remains as well as other monarchs and Royals from history.

What We Know Now?
Known as the longest reigning British monarch, she has always been a much-loved figure in her country. Well before she became queen, Britain was at war with Nazi Germany and he mother, as heir to the throne, found herself thrust into the spotlight.

National life after Queen’s death: Will schools close?
The Buckingham Palace have confirmed the death of the queen, and released the official statement about death. In the event that she does die, will schools close?

1) If schools close on a given day in order to mourn then it is likely that exams will be pushed back and we will lose a week or two for every term. 2) It would also impact university exams as well if they are going to be rescheduled because all universities would need time to re-schedule their dates. 3) A lot of countries would need to delay presidential elections if they had not already done so because they require more than a year before they can hold them again. 4) People who don’t want the same person being president again might get their wish because there might not be enough time between now and when the next president needs to take office for an election.

Will there be any other memorial services before the funeral of Queen Elizabeth 2?
On Sunday, June 3rd, which is one day before the funeral of the current queen, Prime Minister Theresa May announced there will be a national service to honor and celebrate her majesty’s life. We are not sure what that means in terms of the memorial services but it could mean there are a couple of things to look forward to in addition to the ceremony at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle on Saturday.

How Will This Affect William And Kate?
Following the Queen’s death, her son and his wife, Prince William and Duchess Catherine, will ascend to the throne. Prince Charles would take the title of king, with Kate now becoming queen consort. What happens next is unclear. Historians are speculating as to whether Kate will keep her royal surname or be called Princess Catherine. However, she could also choose to have a new title entirely that reflects both her heritage and family status.

Who will be the Next King?
In the days following Queen Elizabeth’s death, Britons have had to imagine a future without her. Admirers praise her as one of the longest-serving monarchs and view her as an icon. Now, they are all wondering who will be next in line for the throne. Though there is still no formal indication that a successor has been chosen, many speculate that Prince Charles will take on his mother’s title.

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