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We are happy to announce that our new Red Robin DocAgent Payroll Portal is now available. We hope you will take advantage of this wonderful tool which will make your life easier! We want to encourage everyone to become familiar with the features of this portal and how to use them effectively. This portal was designed with one thing in mind; to benefit our valued employees! If you have any questions regarding how the portal can benefit you, please contact the Red Robin Human Resources Department at the number listed below and we will be more than happy to assist you. Thank you and enjoy!

What is red robin docagent?

red robin DocAgent is a cloud-based document management and distribution solution. DocAgent makes it easy to store, share, and track documents in the cloud. It also integrates with your favorite SaaS applications so you can work smarter, not harder. You can add DocAgent to your red robin Kronos deployment or use their hosted version of Kronos Connect to view timecards and hours worked on any device, anytime. If you have a red robin w2 online account, you can securely upload files from within that system directly into DocAgent without having to leave the site.

Why should I care about red robin docagent?

If you’re a business owner at red robin restaurants, then you should be excited about their new payroll portal that is powered by docagent. With the new system in place, employees can view their pay stubs, sign up for direct deposit, and even make changes to their personal information with just a few clicks. Employees will also be able to view all of their benefits as well as W-2’s electronically on the site.

How do I use it?

In order to use the red robin kronos portal, you first need to register by creating an account with your email and password. Once you have created an account, go back to the homepage and click on registration in the top right hand corner. Enter your name, employee number, position title and salary information into the provided fields. You can then enter your banking information or choose a direct deposit option so that your paycheck will be directly deposited into your bank account. Finally, you must verify your identity by uploading two documents of identification (i.e., passport, driver’s license). You are now ready to start accessing your paycheck stubs via this new system!

Red robin docagent

Red robin docagent

What data does it collect?

It’s important to understand that the data collected by red robin docagent payroll portal is limited. In general, it collects information about your hours, wages, and taxes withheld – but not any other financial or personal data. It does not collect bank account information, credit card information, or any other personal identifying information. To access red robin w2 online after an initial setup, you need to enter a user name and password.

The interface will look different depending on the browser you use – so if you’re accessing red robin w2 online with Internet Explorer 9 or 10 (on Windows 8), for example, you’ll have a more traditional-looking application window in which buttons are used for navigation instead of links within a web page.

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How do I access it?

The red robin portal is where you’ll find all the things you need to streamline your work. First, create your account and then select the type of work you’ll be doing – hourly or salaried. Next, start logging in to clock in and out as well as requesting time off. When it’s time for a paycheck, just click on the ‘Pay me’ button and follow the instructions! If you’re using an iPhone, we recommend setting up Touch ID so that when it’s time to log in, all you have to do is hold your finger down on the home button.

If you’re not already logged into red robin docagent payroll portal before your break starts, use one of our desk phones at red robin docagent headquarters and press 1-888-ROBI-1 (727-2431) when prompted.

How can I get help with using this tool?

If you need help with the Red Robin portal, you can submit a request for assistance by clicking the contact us button on the homepage. From there, select solutions and then support center. You will see a list of topics to choose from that are related to the Red Robin Portal. Select one and submit your request. Please be as detailed as possible when explaining what you would like assistance with or what steps in a process you want help completing.

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