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The tale about Mia a simple girl having special, caring heart that fell in love with John a soldier boy xreader who endanger his life facing hardships for a secure future for his country and thats how the story goes on. If you haven’t checked out this collection yet, you really should, it’s one of the most popular tags on the site right now. I’m not really surprised though because the writer behind this collection is extremely talented, and they’ve come up with some really interesting scenarios that could totally happen to any one of us if we weren’t careful.

Soldier boy xreader – Stay safe out there, okay?

This soldier boy imagine is going to be a little different, so I wanted to write a quick disclaimer first. In this soldier boy x reader story, you’re the reader and he doesn’t know who you are, so anything could happen between the two of you. The two of you flirt with each other but he needs to get back to his post before they know he’s gone too long. You might even meet someone else while stationed here. But don’t worry- all will come together in the end

It seems like you need a bigger distraction…

It’s a fresh winter morning, the sun has barely risen but the snow that settled last night is melting away in bright yellow puddles as it dribbles down my shoes. It’s enough to keep me away from the company I work for, but at least it helps clear my head. Until this morning anyway. I started thinking about one of those soldier boys and their respective imagine of the male reader or what goes through the readers head when they read their own soldier boy x reader fiction…

Renia Spoilers

The next day… Soldier boy xreader

You wake up to the sound of your alarm and set it down, staring at the ceiling as you think back to last night. You remember how soldier boy had kissed you and it made you so happy. It made you forget about all the stupid things that have been happening in your life. When he told you he liked someone else though, those happy feelings vanished into thin air and it hurt so much that he would never like you back even though he said he did.

What if I told you I was looking forward to seeing you again?

I have to say, I’m looking forward to seeing you again. It’s been so long since we’ve seen each other and things have changed since then but I still need to know what happened during your deployment. Why were you given that assignment in the first place? Who else was there with you when it all went down?

You didn’t know what to think of his words, they caught you off guard.

I- I never said that I’d read your Soldier boy xreader comics for you, you don’t have to give me anything in return. If it’s bothering you so much then don’t do them anymore and stop bugging me about it. It might seem like a nice thing to want to do for someone but I- it feels more like this is something that you need to do for yourself.

You found him interesting, but the only thing stopping you from pursuing him was the fact that he was your superior.
When you found out that Soldier Boy was single, you made sure to put yourself in as many situations with him as possible. If he was waiting at the other end of a hallway, you would walk right over and say hello. You would stay an extra five minutes at work when your shift ended to speak with him and ask how his day went. You could have done the same thing with any of your fellow soldiers, but Soldier Boy felt different to you.

Soldier boy xreader
Soldier boy xreader

Little did you know however, that he had fallen for you too.

As time went by, you and he developed a strong bond. You both shared stories about life back home, talked about what it would be like once the war ended and many other things that were to die for. Little did you know however, that he had fallen for you too.

Section 2 ) An Embarrassing Problem

Lets start this off with a story. So, yesterday I was about to leave work for the day when my boss pulled me into his office and told me to have some fun and loosen up because I’m looking too stressed. Now, like a good soldier I followed orders and made my way to an ikea store to browse their high-end stuff that’s always been out of my budget range.

Section 3) Plans Get Blown Out of Proportion

When you start school, nothing is really out of the ordinary for you. When you walk into your last period of the day, social studies, and your new teacher doesn’t look anything like a teacher but more like a teen who is already so much older than the rest of the kids in your grade, it throws you off.

Section 4) Being Alone Together – Coming SoonTM

The new Soldier Boy xreader story is here and it’s being released chapter by chapter on Wattpad. Like the original series, this one starts at the hospital when Sergeant Jackson loses his entire platoon to a suicide bomber attack. Follow along as he learns to work with a new group of people, tries to find some semblance of normalcy in his life, and overcomes difficulties that come with PTSD.

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