is oil refining/marketing a good career path

Whether you’re an oil industry veteran or just starting out, there are many different paths that you can take to grow your career in the petroleum industry. But one of the most common questions we hear about careers in oil refining and marketing is whether it’s even worth it to work in this industry at all? Let’s look at the facts…

What is oil refining/marketing?

Yes, oil refining/marketing is a good career path due to high paid salary, job security and minimum job hours. Oil refining, marketing, and distribution are three core components of the petroleum industry. Oil refineries can produce gasoline, diesel fuel, heating oil, jet fuel, and many other fuels for various uses. Marketers work with the distributers to make sure that fuel reaches its destinations in an efficient manner. They also sell products like merchandise and consumer goods at gas stations. Anyone interested in this profession would be best served by obtaining a bachelor’s degree in marketing, economics, finance, or any related field.

Is oil refining/marketing a good career path?

Oil refining and marketing has been an essential industry for hundreds of years and will likely continue to be one in the foreseeable future. While there are certainly benefits to entering this field, you must weigh them against the detriments that may occur throughout your career. For example, it’s difficult to advance to upper management due to the fact that when someone moves up, someone else moves down. If you’re driven by upward mobility and don’t mind tough working conditions then it could be an excellent fit.

Advantages of oil refining/marketing:

  • It is an exciting field that always has work in progress and opportunities for growth. – Employees are recognized with awards and incentives from time to time, which can improve self-esteem.
  • This is a well paying job where it’s possible to make six figures. The median salary for this position is about $96,000 per year.
  • Oil refinery employees also get health insurance benefits, paid vacation days, paid holidays and a retirement plan. If you like working in the oil industry then consider a career as an engineer or marketing specialist.

Cons of oil refining/marketing:

A job in the oil industry typically requires a high school diploma and vocational experience in specialized fields.

It can be difficult to change jobs within the industry because the positions require such specialized knowledge of the company’s culture, operations, and equipment.

Young workers often start at lower-level positions that involve grunt work, laborious tasks, and physical labor. Companies are more likely to prefer candidates with prior experience than someone who is just starting out on their own career path.

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What kind of personality do you need to be successful in this field?

This is an interesting question, and for the most part, it really depends on what type of job you want. If you want to be an executive with this industry, then someone who is detail-oriented and has excellent negotiation skills will likely do well. If you want to do contract negotiation or meet with clients to sell products, the type of person needed will depend on those particular needs.

Best paying jobs in oil refining/marketing:

Glass Plant operator

Becoming an oil plant operator is a great way to start in the industry. You would be overseeing the production of lubricants and fuel oils, ensuring quality control and safety. On average you will earn $85,800 per year in this position. Typically, people looking to get into this position go through school for it at community colleges or technical schools. They often also have previous experience in related industries before getting into the field as well.

is oil refining/marketing a good career path
is oil refining/marketing a good career path

Chemical Engineer

The average salary of an Chemical Engineer can range from $65,000 to $80,000 per year. Oil refining is an important part of the world economy, and if you work in the industry you’ll find that while it can be tough, there are plenty of rewarding opportunities. Professionals in this field often report feeling happy and fulfilled with their job, with many reporting high salaries to match.

Director of operation

Director of operation is one of the high paid job in this profession. average salary is upto $100,000. There are many career paths available in this industry with varying levels of expertise. Some people who work in this industry can specialize in only one facet of the business, such as project management, while others might oversee multiple aspects including design, marketing, supply chain management and transportation. This varied scope can give an oil marketer control over the many aspects of their job which may be a rewarding experience for some people.

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Crude oil drivers

Oil drivers transport crude oil from the wellhead to refineries and terminals. Most major pipelines in the United States do not provide for truckers to directly deliver their shipments, so crude oil drivers instead pick up shipments at nearby terminals and drive them to their destinations. The average salary of an Crude oil drivers can range from $60,000 to $80,000 per year

Petroleum Geologist

Oil is an important resource and petroleum geologists are needed to find out where it is. Geologists learn about the earth’s crust, rocks, and geologic formations so they can find out about where oil might be found. The average salary of an Petroleum Geologist can range from $70,000 to $90,000 per year

Drilling Engineers

One advantage of an occupation in the field of drilling engineering is the various skills you learn that can be used for multiple industries, such as offshore or onshore construction. The reason for this is that the work consists of translating a geoscientist’s conceptual drawings into technical drawings and accompanying supporting documents needed to permit the start of major construction projects. If you like working outdoors, another reason to consider drilling engineering is it may give you more hours and exposure to sunlight.

Technical Directors

Oil refining and marketing job is a hot topic for debate. There are those who claim that it is the most promising sector of employment, as well as those who say it isn’t worth your time because it is dying out. The truth lies somewhere in the middle, with different options presenting different types of pros and cons. A Technical Director can usually work full-time or part-time hours, but needs to be able to work independently while giving 100% focus to their projects.

Executive Account Managers

Executives usually receive higher pay and often have a larger variety of benefits to choose from. Although it may seem like one position is better than the other, I would recommend talking to executives in both positions to see which ones might be better for you.

is oil refining/marketing a good career path
is oil refining/marketing a good career path

Well Testers

The average salary of an oil tester can range from $40,000 to $75,000 per year. The work is very easy and doesn’t require any certifications and training. Oil marketers earn between $30,000 and $55,000 per year. If you are interested in this line of work, then consider these two factors: your personality type (salesman vs introvert) and the amount of travel required for the job.


The conclusion is that the answer is yes, oil refining and marketing jobs are both really good careers because they allow you to specialize in just one part of the process. In addition, these careers are so specialized, you don’t need years of experience in different fields before you’re qualified for them.

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