how to send dd suggestion devianart

If you have an idea for something that would improve the site or make it easier to use, we’d love to hear it! There’s nothing we love more than getting our hands on fresh new ideas and seeing how we can turn them into reality. If you have an idea that you want to share with us, then read this guide on how to send dd suggestion devianart directly to the DeviantArt team! These tips will help you get your deviantART suggestion in front of the right people and help it succeed along its journey to becoming a real feature on the site.

What is a Deviation Suggestion?

A deviation suggestion (DS) is just what it sounds like. It’s an idea for an image that, if accepted and drawn by a deviant, will be uploaded to deviantART and ranked at 1st place in all deviations that day. A DS can only be submitted on behalf of another user: you can’t submit your own ideas as they’ll be rejected. You’re allowed to submit up to three suggestions per day and submissions are taken from 00:00 UTC every day, so make sure you have plenty of time set aside! Daily deviations can have some time between them but if you wait too long then your submission won’t count.

how to send dd suggestion devianart

Most people don’t submit their own deviations to DA for critique and feedback because most artists find it to be quite demeaning. However, it can have its perks, especially if you’re trying to get your art seen by a large number of people (DA is still one of, if not THE largest platform for digital art in existence).

It may seem like devianart has no obligation to you; however, they do owe everyone who creates content on their site something: quality assurance. You never know; if enough people flag your submission as NSFW, then they may remove it or send you an email asking you to fix something. If that happens, I recommend sending them an email pointing out what needs to be fixed and changing it back!

What is an Accepted Deviation?

Only four deviations are accepted each day and include artwork from acclaimed users, such as artstation or tsaoshin, not just popular artists. The artist is not required to be active on deviantART—the selection is based on how many votes that deviation has received in total and how long ago it was posted. If you’ve been inspired by any of these people’s work, and think your art would stand out among their followers, contact them and ask them for feedback. If they like your work, they may submit it themselves!

How to Submit an Accepted Deviation

In order to send an accepted deviation, log into your deviantART account, go over to My Account and select Suggestions. From there you can click on any existing ideas that have been submitted and are awaiting review by a member of our team. Or if you’d like, submit your own idea for an accepted deviation! After submitting, please keep in mind that we do not accept suggestions regarding potential new features or bug fixes; all submissions must be related to deviations. If you think your suggestion falls into one of those categories, please use one of our other contact methods instead.

Being Approved as an Artist

A Helpful Primer on Being Approved as an Artist: The more often you submit, and with higher quality art, you’ll be more likely to be approved when you do eventually submit. You can also offer yourself up as a beta tester—the deviantART team loves it when people are willing to help them make their service better! Just send an email or leave a comment in your submission saying something like, I’m not sure if I was technically allowed to submit anything right now, but I would love feedback on my art! Is there any way I could get access to Beta? Again, go easy on whoever is helping people with submissions—devianART gets thousands of requests every day.

The Difference Between Accepted, Pending and Rejected

When you send in your deviance, there are three statuses that can be applied: Accepted, Pending and Rejected. What does each of these mean and how do they affect your submission? Let’s take a look at all of them below. Accepted Submissions: These submissions will receive two different notifications – a notification email and an announcement on their homepage. When a deviation has been accepted by staff it is considered ‘live’ and should not be edited or deleted by you. We ask that users avoid editing or deleting their submission once it has been accepted as we may need to reference them in future communications with you.