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One of the most frustrating things on the internet is when you find yourself on a website, whether it’s your own or someone else’s, and you can’t find what you were looking for. No matter how many different ways you search, nothing seems to turn up where you expect it to be. Sure, there are plenty of ways to hide content in HTML and CSS, but few people know how to actually do this effectively on their site—not to mention it can be difficult if you don’t know much about coding websites in general. This article will cover step-by-step detail to answer how to hide page on a dealer.com website.

how to hide page on a dealer.com website

If you would like to hide page on a dealer.com website, simply click Settings at the top of your screen. Once in the settings menu, scroll down and click Pages. This will bring up a list of all the pages on your site. Click on the page you want to edit and then scroll down to Visibility. You can choose whether or not this page is visible to search engines or just people who are logged into your dealer.com website. The default setting for new pages is that they are only visible to those with access to them.

Most dealerships find that by hiding their Dealer Inquiry form from public view (unless someone has an account) they receive more responses from potential customers. If you have questions about how to hide a page on your website please don’t hesitate to contact us!

hide page on a dealer.com website
hide page on a dealer.com website

One) Don’t Have an Online Reputation?

If you’re looking for a way to keep your dealership website private and protect it from hackers, we recommend that you register your domain name and set up the Automotive Website Builder. This will give you the option of creating a login page and password, so only those with access can see what’s going on behind the scenes. We recommend using a professional email address or phone number as your username and password.

Two) Use Personal Domain Name

The easiest way to keep your dealer.com website private is by using a personal domain name that is not connected to you in any way. This will remove the possibility of receiving ghost sales inquiries that happen without your knowledge and can be hard to decipher. In the Automotive Website Builder Demo, we show how this process looks like with Mazda as an example.

To create a new page on Mazda’s private site, navigate to the Pages tab at the top of the left-hand navigation menu. Click New Page and enter a title for your new page. If you want to hide it from all visitors except those who know the URL, choose Hidden Page from the Page Type dropdown menu.

Three) Encrypt Communications with Customers

When you are communicating with a customer on a dealership website, you want to make sure your email address is not showing. This is especially true when customers are sending sensitive information like their name, phone number and credit card number. To keep your email address hidden, use the Automotive Website Builder Demo to encrypt the communications between your browser and our server. All encryption takes place in the browser so no confidential information can be seen by us or anyone else who might have access to your computer. Once encrypted, everything will display as asterisks (*).

Four) Don’t Let Employees Use Customer Information Against You

The dealership owner’s worst nightmare is a customer who has been wronged by an employee. It’s easy for an employee to take customer information and use it against the dealership. In this Automotive Website Builder Demo, you’ll learn how to keep your dealership website private so that employees can’t access any customer information.

Employees will not be able to see customer contact information on the homepage and need to log in with their credentials before being able to view contact info. All of the data will be protected using AES-256 encryption, which makes it nearly impossible for hackers or other criminals to decrypt the data if they were ever able to breach security measures.

Five) Host at a Third-Party Location

The simplest way to keep your dealer.com website private is to host the site at a third-party location. To accomplish this, you would need your own domain name that points to the website’s hosting location. A quick way to do this is with hosting services like Squarespace or Wix. With these types of providers, you won’t have any site maintenance responsibilities and they’ll also offer content management systems and design templates so you don’t have time upfront investment in those areas.

Six) Change the Way Your Emails Look

The email you’re sending might be important, but when it comes down to it, the recipient doesn’t care how your message looks. They’ll pay more attention and read more carefully if you make it look like what they expect. A quick way to do this is by changing the font type and size of your email. You can also change the color to something that’s not as eye-catching as black on white. And don’t forget about spacing—use enough so it’s easy for people to read without getting overwhelmed.

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