FACEBOKCM – Facebook’s newest login and sign-up feature! Facebook.com and facebokcm are similar. They are just two styles of typing the word to reach the website in the shortest possible time


This is a new feature that Facebook has introduced to help make it easier for users to log in. The previous way of logging in was by email or phone number, but now you can also use your Facebook login. FACEBOOKCM is designed to be more secure with two-step authentication. With the old method, if somebody had your password they could get into your account immediately. With this system they would have to enter the code sent through text message which will only work if they have access to both your password AND the phone number associated with the account.

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How To Use It For Login?

  • If you are on the website of a company that has recently implemented the new FACEBOKCM system, there will be a Login with FB button in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.
  • Click on that button to head to the site’s FB page, where you’ll be prompted to authorize access to your account.
  • Enter your email address or mobile number into the box provided and click Send.
  • A verification code will then be sent to that same email address or mobile number.
  • Copy this code from one window (or wherever it shows up) and paste it into another window at the FACEBOKCM prompt (note: some sites may have their own authorization process which is different than this).
  • Enter your password at the next prompt, then hit Log In when prompted again, and voila!

How To Use It For Sign Up?

In order to sign up for FACEBOKCM, you’ll need to make a new account. To do this, click on the create an account button in the top right corner of your screen. Enter your email address (or phone number) into the box that pops up. Then, click next and set your password. You’ll also have to agree to the Terms of Service before you can continue on with setting up your account. Once you’ve done that, enter your first name, last name, gender (male or female), birthday (mm/dd/yyyy) and country of residence into the appropriate boxes.

What If I Don’t Want FACEBOKCM For My Account?

If you don’t want to use FACEBOKCM, you can opt out by following these steps:

  • Navigate to your settings page on the desktop site.
  • Click Login with Facebook.
  • Scroll down to Apps others use section.
  • Check the box that says Prevent others from seeing my posts.
    You will now be notified when someone tries to post something about you on their timeline.

What If I Do Not Want The App, But I Still Want The Benefit Of Using FaceBOOK Login and Sign Up Feature?

Facebook has just rolled out a new Facebokcm login service that lets you use your Facebook account to log in to other apps. This was created after many of the top social media sites including Google Plus and Twitter have been pushing their own log in services.
The way it works is by using your standard e-mail address, username, password, phone number or connecting through your mobile device. However, with this new service, you can avoid giving this information to other third party sites as well as getting spam from them.
You can also use the same account for all of the different apps you are currently on (e-g. Instagram) which will help keep things more organized on your phone.

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