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The Reddit Data Science community includes some of the most talented data scientists in the world, and the best way to learn something new is by asking questions. As it turns out, the top data scientists have been doing exactly that on Reddit lately—and the results are fascinating.

Here’s a look at five questions cvs health sql questions senior data scientist reddit asking right now, with insights from CVS Health data scientist Dipanjan Sarkar on how you can apply these answers to your own analytics questions.

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Data science is an in-demand field and it’s no wonder that the competition is fierce. With so many people vying for a limited number of jobs, it can be difficult to know what kind of preparation you should be doing. One way to get a leg up on your competition is by paying attention to what current data scientists are asking about in online forums like reddit. Below we’ll list five cvs health sql questions senior data scientist reddit have been asking about recently as well as some insights from experts in the field. We hope this will give you some insight into how much has changed in this dynamic field over the past few years.

1) How do I learn to code as fast as possible?

The first step is to pick a programming language. Think about what you want to do with your code and then find out which languages are best for it. If you’re not sure, here’s some advice from the Stack Overflow community: If you don’t know what language to learn or need some help deciding, take this short survey. You’ll be asked to answer questions about what type of coding you’re interested in, why you’re learning to code, how much time per week you have available for learning and other factors.

The next step is to get an editor (or IDE) that has good syntax highlighting features so that you can tell the different elements of your code apart.Many people like using Vim because it allows them to write text quickly without having to use their hands all that much.

2) What’s your favorite feature in Postgres?

Some of the most popular features include table inheritance, statement-level triggers, and built-in support for window functions. To see what all the fuss is about, try out our free 30 day trial. We also offer a series of webinar training videos to help you learn even more about how powerful and versatile PostgreSQL can be for data science.

3) Does learning SQL help in data analysis?

Learning a little bit of SQL can go a long way in data analysis. The most important thing is to get comfortable querying the database and accessing the data you want. Even if you’re not able to use SQL, it’s good practice to have a solid understanding of how databases work and what you can do with them. That way, when someone asks for help, you’ll be able to talk about your options instead of sitting there and saying I don’t know. You’ll also be able to more easily read other people’s code. When it comes to implementing models or algorithms, though, I’ve found that Python is a much better choice than SQL.

4) What are the best programming languages for data science?

cvs health sql questions senior data scientist reddit
cvs health sql questions senior data scientist reddit

Another cvs health sql questions senior data scientist reddit is regarding the best programming languages for data science. The best programming languages to learn for data science depend on your personal preferences and the type of work you want to do. Python is one of the most popular languages because it’s easy to read and write, has a lot of libraries available, and can run on a wide range of computer systems. R is also popular because it can create visualizations like graphs that give you more insight into your data. Java is a common choice among programmers with backgrounds in statistics or mathematics who have been using this language before entering the field of data science. And, if you’re looking for something different from what these options offer, then Scala may be worth considering because it provides both Java-like features as well as functional features from other languages like Haskell.

5) Anything better than MS Access?

SQL is the language of databases, so it’s important to know if you’re going to be working with data. However, in recent years, there’s been a lot of debate about which languages and technologies are better for data science. When we were writing our book, Data Science from Scratch, many people were asking us about these questions.

Questions for CVS Health Data Scientist Interview

  • What is your favorite project you’ve worked on so far?
  • What’s the hardest data analytics or machine learning problem you’ve been asked to solve?
  • How do you think your skills will help CVS Health?
  • What things do you like to do outside of work (hobbies, sports, etc.)?
  • What other companies have you interviewed with recently and what has been the experience like so far?

What are you searching for in this CVS position?

I’m a data scientist and I’ve been working in the field for 10 years. My background is a mix of business analytics and statistics, but I also have experience with machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing, etc. What does the senior position require? What’s your desired salary range?

What should I include when responding to this posting?

Should include some information about yourself, why you think you’re qualified, what you want out of this position/company, what you’re looking for.

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What is the difference between a data scientist and a machine learning engineer?

A data scientist is an expert in statistics, mathematics, computer science and machine learning. A machine learning engineer specializes in applying these skills to create and maintain predictive models with applications such as natural language processing, speech recognition and image classification.

What is your favorite database?

PostgreSQL is my favorite database because of its reliability, performance and rich set of features. It also has great documentation for beginners!

Is it necessary to have expertise in Python or R?

Definitely not. You will use some functions from both languages during your day-to-day work but there’s no need to be an expert in either one of them.

When would you use MySQL over PostgreSQL?

MySQL is often more appropriate than PostgreSQL if you’re building something quickly and want a relational database that’s easier to use than SQLite or MongoDB. In particular, MySQL has better support for JSON queries than PostgreSQL does so it may be a better choice if you’re building apps that interact heavily with web APIs (like Gmaps).

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