companies offering switch on sponsorship visa uk

This guide focuses on companies offering switch on sponsorship visa in united kingdom. Moreover, how employers can recruit international students and workers under the Skilled Worker route for employment within their organizations.

Hiring International Graduates Switching to Sponsorsip Visas

UK employers can hire student visa holders within defined restrictions and if their visa conditions permit such employment. For instance, students can work a limited number of hours during term time or full-time during holidays while still studying.

When onboarding a Student visa holder post-studies, it’s crucial to ensure their immigration status aligns with the employment type being offered.

Several companies offering switch on sponsorship visa uK available for student visa holders wishing to work in the UK after studies with switchin to sponsorship visas facility, with the Skilled Worker visa being the most common route.

Switch on Skilled Worker Visa Requirements

As of July 2023, student visa holders can switch to the Skilled Worker route if they meet specific conditions at the time of application:

  1. Completed their assigned course of study.
  2. Enrolled in a full-time, degree-level course with an immigration-compliant education provider, with the job starting after course completion.
  3. PhD students with an immigration-compliant education provider, with the job starting at least 24 months after course commencement.

The job role must meet minimum skill and salary requirements as per the Skilled Worker visa criteria. Roles must be at Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) level 3 or above, with a salary meeting the set threshold.

Most students switching to the Skilled Worker route are considered ‘new entrants,’ allowing for a lower salary threshold.

Are Graduates Considered ‘New Entrants’?

‘New entrants’ can be paid 70% of the relevant going rate for their role. This category includes:

  1. Graduates completing a degree, PGCE, or PGDip within 3 months of applying.
  2. Applicants under 26 years old or applying within 2 years of their last visa expiring.
  3. Those sponsored for specific positions or pursuing recognized professional qualifications.

Applying for a Switch on Skilled Worker Visa from Outside the UK

In some cases, applicants may need to return to their home country so that they can switch on Skilled Worker visa application, especially if their current leave is expiring soon.

Sponsoring Student-Skilled Worker Visa Switchers

Companies offering switch on sponsorship visa uk demands that employers must hold a valid sponsorship license and pay relevant fees to sponsor points-based visa workers. A Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) certifies job and applicant eligibility, with each applicant requiring a separate CoS.

Compliance with immigration duties is crucial for sponsors, including reporting to the Home Office and maintaining proper records.

Supporting Visa Applications

Employers should assist applicants with their visa applications, ensuring all paperwork is accurate and fees are paid correctly. Applicants must apply before their current leave expires and refrain from traveling until the application outcome.

companies offering switch on sponsorship visa uK

UK based Companies offering Switch on sponsorsip

  1. NEOS Grangemouth
    • Location: Grangemouth, UK
    • Industry: Chemicals and Manufacturing
    • Commitment to talent development and mobility, offering sponsorship opportunities for skilled professionals.
  2. Square One Resources Limited in Glasgow
    • Location: Glasgow, UK
    • Industry: Recruitment and Staffing
    • Provides sponsorship visas and career growth opportunities for professionals in various sectors.
  3. Other companies offering switch on sponsorship visa UK include:


The Switch On Sponsorship Visa program offers a pathway for skilled professionals to work in the UK with support from leading companies like INEOS Grangemouth and Square One Resources Limited in Glasgow. By addressing key considerations such as job transitions, visa requirements, and supporting student-skilled worker visa switchers, these companies contribute to a vibrant and diverse workforce in the UK, driving innovation and growth across industries.

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